Friday, March 7, 2014

The siblings

I was born. Lots of people had to move from one place to another, meet, have babies, and raise those babies in order for this to happen. I am proof that it did.

1957. Athens, Ohio. And I enter, stage left. Or right. Already on hand are three siblings -- two sisters and a brother. They would all know more about how and where I entered the stage, if they were paying attention.

Who were these siblings? Well, first there was the wedding. Fred Leach and Betty Pat Frye are married 8 June 1946 in Decatur, Illinois.

27 December 1948 brings them their first child, still in Decatur. This is Deborah Jane Leach.

9 May 1951, now in Iowa City, Iowa, Dirk Frederick Leach makes it a family of four.

Not, obviously, a baby picture. Also not in Iowa City. But it'll have to do for now.

The penultimate child is also born in Iowa City, 21 August 1954. This is Elizabeth Katrin Leach. Betsy.

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