Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's new?

Several things, actually. Shall I list them? Why, yes, I shall.

I found my shovel. Or I stole one just like it from the neighbors two doors down. My theory is that some ne'er-do-well transported it from our yard to the neighbors', where it was subsequently covered in accumulating snow until I happened upon it after the first good thaw. That's definitely what I'll tell the cops anyhow, should it come to that.

I drove to Athens, Ohio with my mother, brother and 3-year-old. Two days to get there, five days being there, and two more days coming back from there. Next time it'll probably take a gun to my head. I'm sure they would all need the same motivation. Except for the 3-year-old. She's ready to go now. She liked the swimming pool a lot.

Nothing much happening in the world of unemployment. I'm thinking of turning to a life of crime. The shovel was certainly easy enough to swipe. Why not set my sights slightly higher? Lawnchairs maybe. Garden gnomes. Swingsets.

Still need to decide what I want to do with my life. CPA? Programmer? Lumberjack? I have to remember to add that to the To Do List.