Friday, March 7, 2014

And a few more photos

Out west, early 60s. This one doesn't belong here.

Mom and Dad, just married, with the dog that died.

Dirk, with a Gannon, maybe. 

Dad, with Debbie.

Mom, with Betsy.

Iowa City home.


The three siblings.


Again with the three siblings.

Dirk and Debbie (and friend), Iowa City.


Debbie and Dirk.

Papa (Frederick G Leach) and Dirk.


Dirk is two?

Dirk is about to set sail.

The call of the sea.

The same birthday.

Debbie in the kitchen. 3:35pm.

Debbie and the missing baby Dirk picture.

Dirk and Debbie (and Lady? Is that right?)

Debbie and Dirk



Uncle Eddie, Dad, Nana Leach, Dirk, Debbie

Dad with Dirk and Debbie (and a cat)

Nana Frye with Dirk and Debbie

Betsy gets into a photo.

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