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Chapter zero

A (brief) summary of the Family Tree, starting with my father's side. The question is How do I go about presenting this information? The answer is probably Sloppily, very sloppily.

I'm not going all the way back to Lawrence Leach (1580-1662), so it stands to reason I'm also not going back to his ancestors. Not yet, anyhow.

Let's try this:

Frederick Darwin Leach, son of Frederick George Leach and Edwina Gist.

Frederick George Leach (1898-1973) was the son of Everett Isaac Leach and Mary Emma Banks.

Everett Isaac Leach (1867-1934) was the son of Eli Edward Leach and Juliette Saunders.
Mary Emma Banks (1870-1945) was the daughter of Samuel Banks and Mary B Rader.

Eli Edward Leach (1825-1894) was the son of Isaac Hayes (I kid you not) Leach and Chloe Rideout.
Juliette Saunders (1826-1904) was the daugher of William Saunders and Parmelia Marsh.
Samuel Banks (1845-1912) was the son of Henry Banks and Lydia Dewald.
Mary B Rader (1846-1933) was the daughter of Benjamin Rader and Catherine Brown.

Isaac Hayes Leach (1788-1876) was the son of Isaac Leach and Jerusha Leach.
Chloe Rideout (1796- ?) was the daughter of Benjamin Rideout and Sarah.
William Saunders (1799-1882) was the son of George Saunders and Nancy Ann Clark.
Parmelia Marsh (1804-1888) was the daughter of Samuel Marsh and Keziah Gorton.
Henry Banks (1814- ?) was the son of a man named Bankes. Still looking for more info.
Lydia Dewald (1820- ?) was the daughter of Abraham Dewald and Elizabeth Reihm.
Benjamin Rader (1823-1890) was the son of Conrad Roeder, Jr. and Maria Magdalena Ulrich.
Catherine Brown (1827-1903) was the daughter of Daniel Brown and Elizabeth Martin.

I'll stop here. The migration was from New York to Wisconsin to Kansas for the Leach/Rideout/Saunders/Marsh branch, and from Pennsylvania to Ohio to Illinois to Kansas for the Banks/Dewald/Rader/Brown contingent.

Edwina Gist (1896-1983) was the daughter of Almon Arthur Gist and May Etta Hallowell.

Almon Arthur Gist (1870-1955) was the son of Thomas Gist and Rebecca Jackson Thompson.
May Etta Hallowell (1870-1920) was the daughter of William Alfred Hallowell and Sylvia Henrietta Mead.

Thomas Gist (1829-1898) was the son of Hiram Gist and Sarah (Sally) Martin.
Rebecca Jackson Thompson (1829-1920) was the daughter of John Thompson and Elizabeth Delong.
William Alfred Hallowell (1828-1915) was the son of John Hallowell and Sarah Reynolds.
Sylvia Henrietta Mead (abt 1830-1876) was the daughter of Ezra Mead and Sylvia A Packard.

Hiram Gist (1796-1875) was the son of John Gist and Hannah Geron.
Sarah (Sally) Martin (1807- ?) was the daughter of William P Martin and Martha Stephens.
John Thompson (1788-1856) was the son of James Thompson and Mary Ann Jackson.
Elizabeth Delong (1800-1832) was the daughter of James Delong and Nancy Agnes Simpson.
John Hallowell (1787-1851) was the son of John Hallowell and Lydia Trump.
Sarah Reynolds (1790-1846) was the daughter of Jesse Reynolds and Sarah Haines.
Ezra Mead (1794-1846) was the son of Ezra Mead and Hannah Sampson.
Sylvia A Packard (1798-1845) was the daughter of George Packard III and Margaret Prouty.

The Gists went from Virginia to Tennessee to Missouri to Kansas. The Martins from North Carolina to Kentucky to Missouri. The others generally from Pennsylvania and Ohio, although the Packards and Meads were originally from Vermont and/or Massachusetts.

So that's my father's side.

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