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Chapter zero - continued

My mother's parents were John Louis Frye and Frances Christine Milliken. This side of the family was also considerably harder to track down and the potential for errors in the research somewhat higher.

John Louis Frye (1905-1949), son of Charles Fletcher Frye and Anna Claudia Harwood.

Frances Christine Milliken (1905-1992), daughter of William Edward Milliken and Daisy Ola Thompson.

Charles Fletcher Frye (1858-1951), son of Christopher Columbus Frye and Almira Harwood.
Anna Claudia Harwood (1864-1937), daughter of Charles Burt Harwood and Martha Jane Griggs.

William Edward Milliken (1878-1913), son of David Taylor Milliken and Sarah Minerva Corley.
Daisy Ola Thompson (1884-1934), daughter of Robert Asbury Thompson and Frances Christiana Stanford.

Christopher Columbus Frye (1839-1918), son of Henry Frye and Dorcas Darcy Huffman.
Almira Underwood (1840-1905), daughter of Henry Underwood and Eliza A Hufford.
Charles Burt Harwood (1837-1911), son of Nathan Harwood and Abigail Munn Burt.
Martha Jane Griggs (1840-1915), daughter of Benjamin S Griggs and Jane Struble.

David Taylor Milliken (1846-1890), son of Samuel Milliken and Nancy Jane Corley.
Sarah Minerva Corley (1847-1920), daughter of Henry William Corley and Martha Ann Hall.
Robert Asbury Thompson (1862-1934), son of Edward F Thompson and Martha Caroline Cubley.
Frances Christiana Stanford (1866-1886), daughter of Alpheus E Stanford and Mary E Trotman.

Henry Frye (1800-1880), son of John Fry and Charity.
Dorcas Darcy Huffman (1811-1865), daughter of Jacob Huffman and Margaret Sayre.
Henry Underwood (1810-1896), son of Jesse Underwood and Julia Ann Meyers.
Eliza A Hufford (1814-1890), daughter of Peter D Hufford and Catherine Meyers.
Nathan Harwood (1795-1847), son of Amherst Harwood and Betsy James.
Abigail Munn Burt (1798-1865), daughter of Charles Burt and Anna Chapin.
Benjamin S Griggs (1802- ?), son of Samuel Griggs and Sarah Ann Griggs.
Jane Struble (1812- ?), daughter of Daniel Struble and Margaret Wyker.

Samuel Milliken (1817- ?), son of James Milliken and Mary (Polly) Hastings.
Nancy Jane Corley (1823-1866), daughter of Jonathan C Corley and Delilah Basham.
Henry William Corley (1820-1890), son of Jonathan C Corley and Delilah Basham.*
Martha Ann Hall (1825-1848), parents unknown although I have my leads.
Edward F Thompson (1835-1862), parents unknown.
Martha Caroline Cubley (1840- ?), daughter of Robert M Cubley and Rebecca Beavers.
Alpheus E Stanford (1846- ?), son of Oliver Hazard Perry Stanford and Frances Amanda Porter Willis.
Mary E Trotman (abt 1839- ?), daughter of Thomas Trotman II and Christiana Elizabeth Hobbs.

These families all converged in Shelby County, Illinois, but here's the paths:

Frye/Huffman - Pennsylvania to Ohio to Illinois.
Underwood/Hufford - Pennsylvania to Ohio.
Harwood/Burt - Massachusetts to New York to Illinois.
Griggs/Struble - New Jersey to Ohio.
Milliken/Corley/Hall - North Carolina/Tennessee to Tennessee to Illinois.
Thompson/Cubley - Georgia/Alabama to Texas.
Stanford/Trotman - Georgia to Texas.

*Family secret, ignore.

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